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About MeFr. Davis Chiramel

Rev. Fr. Davis Chiramel (Malayalam: ഡേവിസ് ചിറമേല്‍), popularly known as the Kidney Priest, is an Indian Catholic priest and the founder of the Accident Care and Transport Service (ACTS) and the Kidney Federation of India. He currently serves under the Infant Jesus Church, Kadangode, Kerala.

Fr. Davis Chiramel was born at Aranattukara on 30 December 1960 as the son of Chiramel Chakkunni and Kochannam. He did schooling at Tharakan’s High school, Aranattukara and later went to St. Mary’s Minor Seminary, Thope, Thrissur city and to Aluva Ponitifical Seminary for further studies. Archbishop Mar Joseph Kundukulam ordained Davis to priesthood on 30 December 1988 at St Thomas Church, Aranattukara.

The beginning of Father’s sixtieth birthday and 2020 saw the launch of ‘Karunya Sparsham 60@2020’ or his Healing touch. Under its umbrella first emerged the ‘Save Pravasi,’ then the TV Challenge, Scholarship Challenge, followed by ‘Agri My Culture.’

The inception of the Corona Virus drew curtains down to the dreams of many an expatriate. Father Davis Chiramel with the financial assistance of generous sponsors showed light at the end of the tunnel to the jobless, dejected, desolate and desperate expatriates by his timely launch of ‘Save Pravasi.’ An amount of Rs.90000/- was given in three instalments to tide over the initial dire situation. Till date 174 expatriates have benefited from this scheme.

Schools closed and online classes began. TV Challenge came to being when Devika, a brilliant X Standard, student of Wayanad committed suicide since she could not afford a Television set at home. Fr. Davis Chiramel donated his television set to a child and stepped in once again with the aid of benevolent sponsors to distribute 824 TV sets free to deserving school students across Kerala from Trivandrum to Kasaragod through the Head of the Institution. Online meetings were conducted to bring both the sponsors and HM’s of institutions in an open platform and ensure transparency in the venture.

The next project was the Scholarship Challenge. Once again kind hearted sponsors came to the forefront offering to contribute to the need of the children when Fr. Davis Chiramel voiced his concern. An amount of Rs.25000/- was allotted to each school that register and one or two students were selected. The amount was divided equally (Rs.12500/-) each and distributed as scholarship for one year. The criterion of selection was that the student should be academically bright and financially very weak. Preference was given to students of Tribals Fishermen, Auto rickshaw drivers or the downtrodden.

“Dust thou art, to dust returnest” seemed most appropriate in the choice of the next dream ‘Agri My Culture.’ Till, toil, trust nature and bear fruit. Fr. Davis Chiramel himself set an example by tilling and toiling the land around his church in Kadangode, Thrissur and transformed it to a haven in four months’ time. He paved the way for those who return to Kerala to start all over again. Land would be taken on lease, cultivated and the produce sold. This would inculcate farming once again in one and all, both elders and children. Students from the grass root level were selected by the teachers of schools as the ‘Best Farmer’ of the school and he or she would be given adequate support for the same by way of scholarship for higher education in agriculture.

Home for the Homeless was the next venture during the Covid 19 pandemic struggle and the ‘Housing Project’ took shape. Ten houses are being constructed under the supervision of Fr. Davis Chiramel. Three houses in Kadangode, one in Vylathur and the other in Velarkadu, all in Thrissur district. The kind hearted sponsors have come forward once more to lend a helping hand to the down trodden and complete the process of construction.


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