Hunger Hunt
One Day One Meal


 “To strive, to seek, to shed, to shell the basic need of Man – Hunger.”


Satiate the pangs of hunger in and around us and allow it to be contagious so that it may grow, bloom and blossom all over among us in this planet.

Propagating the prophetic words of Mother Theresa “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one,” Father Davis Chiramel on the eve of his ‘Shashti Poorthi’ 60th Birthday has made it his mission to follow his vision. Striving diligently day and night to touch the hearts of those who suffer by inculcating the dictum in one and all, ‘keep what you need and do not hoard for greed.’
The thought sprung from his latest concept of Cloth Bank Vs. Food Bank. Used clothes was collected from willing donors, recycled and shelved for the use of the needy. The financial contribution generated from the used clothes became the initial funding for the Food Bank. His mission grew wings; generous people all around the world supported the cause. On 1st November 2020, 1000 Biryani packets were distributed in and around Thrissur to the poor and hungry. The idea became infectious; people came forward, to contribute towards a worthy cause instead of any form of celebration during this pandemic. On Dec 1st 2020, again 1000 Biryani packets were once again distributed to the needy.  The marathon happening of the New Year, 20,000 Biryani packets were distributed from north to south, in all the fourteen districts of Kerala. Thanks to the good hearted talented cooks of Kerala Prisons and the Army of volunteers of YMCA across Kerala, who were instrumental in the fulfilment of this massive venture. A germ of an idea bloomed and blossomed.

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